• E-Currency Exchanger Script

E-Currency Exchanger Script:

Introducing our innovative E-Currency Exchanger Script. Simplify your online currency exchange transactions with ease. Seamlessly convert between different electronic currencies in just a few clicks. Whether you're a digital entrepreneur, freelancer, or online shopper, our script streamlines the process of managing your e-currency transactions. Experience the convenience, security, and efficiency of our cutting-edge E-Currency Exchanger Script. Start exchanging your electronic currencies effortlessly and unlock a world of possibilities today.

User Panel:

Bootstrap Responsive Design

Mobile Ready

Multi-language interface

Exchange Orders manager

Account management

Support Tickets

Customer Reviews

News System

Reserve Request Function & email notification

New orders email notifications


2FA Login

Email notifications

Discount System

Affiliate program

Automatic exchange rates

Auto-rate update in order

Operator Panel

Automatic order expiration after XX minutes

Operator status in front-end

Google reCaptcha

Admin Panel:

Full dashboard statistics with manager

Manage Exchange Gateways

Manage Exchange Directions

Manage Exchange Rates

Manage Exchange Rules

Manage Exchange Orders

Manage Discount System

Manage Users and KYC

Manage Operators and Browse their Activity

Manage Referrals WIthdrawals

Manage Customer Reviews

Manage Support Tickets

Manage News

Manage Pages

Manage FAQ

Templates Manager with Editor

Languages Manager to Add/Edit/Delete languages

SMTP Settings

Web Settings

Evans 15/10/2022

Updated script! Thanks for excellent quick response from support.

Hamza 10/06/2022

Good! Excellent script!

Stefan 01/01/2022

Excellent Support and script....

Ahasan 28/04/2020

Best script i bought it. Very good seller.

Johar 30/03/2020

No bug no problem. I can share here my website.

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E-Currency Exchanger Script

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